Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Back Home

July 1, 2009
Now that I'm home several people have commented on the fact that I left the blog unfinished. When I got to Vitoria it was the end of riding and in my mind the end of the blog, so here's a quick summary.

Thursday June 25
I took a taxi out to the Aernnova office and visited with some of the people I've worked with. A lot of the group are off to other places, but it was fun to see the few that are still there.
That evening Santi met me after work (his not mine) and we went out for pintxos. Two of the bars are new and one has been remodeled. Thursday is a busy night; the streets and bars were full. It's nice to see that Vitoria is even more dynamic than my last visit in 2007. As usual the pinxtos were fantastic.

Friday June 26
I packed up and rode to the bus station. There wasn't any problem taking the bike on the bus, it only cost 8.5 euros. I got dropped off in Bilbao within a half mile of my hotel. After packing up the bike, I headed out around Bilbao. I spent a day there in 2007 and it's a fun city to walk around. Like Vitoria there has been and still is a lot of new construction. The only thing I knew about before visiting in 2007 was the Guggenheim, but the city is very nice in it's own right.

Saturday June 27
I left the hotel at 6AM for my long trip home. The flights were on time; my luggage and I were deposited at Seatac at 1PM.

It's time to plan the next trip.


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